This is an act of involving oneself in illicit sexual intercourse or relationship with an opposite sex, either for money making or for pleasures. The act of sexual promiscuity or prostitution is most common with our female students .In most higher institutions of learning (including faculties of law), such act has become a money-making business to the female students. They could also use such act to get what they want on campus. Most students hostels and quarters have been turned into brothel.

Students who for the first time gained some social freedom from their parents watchful eyes and guidance easily fall prey to the temptation of eating the "forbidden fruit". Some of them become so wild on the illicit love making that they give most of their time and attention to it to the detriment of their studies. They become so much engaged in NOCTURNAL activities that they sleep through out the daytime in hostels or during lectures for those who want to register their presence in classes. Some other one will completely abandon their lectures to keep appointment with their boy friends or "sugar daddies".


Economic factor eg poverty, unemployment underemployment, high cost of living etc.
Parental Factor eg most parent encourage their wards to involve in such illicit act.
Lack of parental care, counselling and control.
Social factor eg bad company, decadence in the social values of the society.
Lack of sex education at home and in schools.
Intimidation by lecturers/teachers and fellow students.
Students in quest of higher grade or to pass an examination. Etc.


Loss of social values among peers. Leads to unwanted pregnancy.
Leads to pre mature death-incase of aborting the baby.
Become prone to ritual.
Poor performance in class.
Can lead to barrenness as a result of chains of abortion.
Become a reproach to the society. etc.


1. Have the moral courage to say NO, either from fellow students or lecturers/ teachers.
2. Escalate it to the higher authority in case of intimidation by lecturers/teachers or fellow students.
3. Know that your basic priority in school as a student is your education.
4. Avoid bad peers.
5. Parent should teach their wards sex education before exposing them to the four-walls of education.

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