IAS From the principals desk

From the principals Desk

IAS Secondary School & College's educational philosophy is that we all learn differently and that every learning style is a special gift.We know that students develop at different rates and at different times.
The support for each individual student at ias whether in learning, language or our successful Gifted and Talented programme, offer students the very best in education today.
In Lower School, with entry at every level from Years 7 to 9, the focus is on helping to nurture positive, independent, active and enquiring individuals.

In Year 10, pupils join Senior School and the Curriculum begins with a broad range of subjects, which becomes the basis on which to build gradual specialisation towards the attainment of excellent IGCSE results.
All students, of all ages develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills through team sports, as well as personal confidence through public speaking initiatives.
Our Sixth Form also provides a unique set of opportunities. The focus is on academic priorities and achieving the best possible results for each individual, offering both A Levels and the International Foundation Programmes.
We look forward to welcoming students and parents as we approach a new academic session

Engr Ken.
Director of Studies

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