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Motto: "IAS Foundation.... creating brighter furture for the younger genration."

IAS Foundation Nigeria, is a faith based/non-governmental organization (NGO) whose main focus is to make a future for the ORPHAN CHILD AND STREET CHILDREN, bringing back a lost smile on their faces and also evangelizing them for Christ. This NGO/Foundation was formerly inaugurated in Edo State on June 21st 2105.

IAS is also involved in the campaign against drug abuse, cultism, pre-marital sex (HIV-AIDS, Introducing God's Idea) and promiscuity, early childhood marriages, prevention of child abuse, child abandonment and other parental evils against children.

Organizing free Computer training and free Senior Secondary School Council Examination (SSCE) West Africa Examination Council (WAEC), National Examination Council (NECO),Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) Lectures for the less privilege ones in the society.

Our vision is to remove "every child" the orphans, street children and destitute from the streets of Nigeria and beyond, Giving them Shelter, Education, Hope and a bright Future. Also to restore moral and ethical values back to our younger generation, teaching and encouraging them in the fear and knowledge of God and in general preparing the SAINTS for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Moral Decadence In Our Tertiary Institutions

Moral can be defined as giving guidance on how to behave decently and honestly. It can also be seen as relating to issues of right and wrong and to how individuals should behave. It can be seen as something ethical, good, right, proper, honourable, just, principled etc.

Decadence means the process of decline or decay in a society especially in its morals. It's also a state of immorality, corruption, debauchery, dissolution, self-indulgence, profligacy, excess etc.

From the above definitions of moral and decadence, we can easily say what moral decadence is all about. Moral decadence is decline, decay and profligate in the moral values of individuals and society at large. It is the decay in the ethical values and norms that govern an individual and the society at large. A society where there is decline in moral values, what is wrong becomes right, what society should abhor becomes what they uphold.

Therefore relating this to legal education in Nigeria, our faculties of law have been beclouded with immoral acts (moral decadence). What is said to be ivory tower or the noble profession has been turned in to a breeding ground for hoodlums, rapist, prostitute, etc. The legal education in Nigeria is losing its moral and social values. The big question is who is responsible for all these immorality? What is the root cause of these social vices? What can possibly be done to curb these ugly vices in our faculties of law? All these and more will be deliberated in this piece.


Cultism; Rape; Examination Malpractices; Indecent dressing; Teenage Pregnancy; Student Prostitution; Sexual harassment; Sales of "Grade"; Student Demonstration etc. I will briefly discuss on the causes of some of aforementioned.

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