IAS Academic Mentorship Program

Academic Mentorship Program

Academic Mentoring Programs (AMP) provides a holistic approach to student development through a network of comprehensive programs and services. Through an array of retention-based opportunities, transitional programming, tutoring, skill-building seminars, educational and personal advising, and mentoring programs, AMP participants receive supportive services throughout their college experience. AMP seeks to foster collaborative partnerships with University departments, external organizations, and alumni.

Academic Mentoring Programs includes but not limited to the following:

• Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)
• National Opportunity Program (NOP)
• Foreign Opportunity Program (FOP)

The AMP Tutoring Service provides tutorials and skills-based workshops to students who desire additional academic support services. Collaborative partnerships with academic departments, other offices within Student Affairs, outside organizations, agencies, businesses, and alumni, work to enhance AMP's educational services to students.

The Academic Mentoring Program (AMP) is designed to support students in both academic work and general college and university experience. An older, more experienced professional serving as an academic mentor can offer information, guidance, and encouragement to a student wanting to improve a GPA.

By working closely with a trained, seasoned prefesional mentor in a one-on-one weekly meeting, you can learn to study with better results, develop more effective ways of managing time, and practice proven strategies for taking EXAMS. IAS mentor will help you keep track of grades and absences, calculate GPA, and monitor your academic progress. Each 15-20 minute meeting with IAS mentor can target a special area of concern or simply provide supportive conversation with someone who is committed to your success at IAS. IAS Mentors hold regular workshops throughout the semester that incorporate supplemental academic lessons in an informal, fun, and social way.

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to provide academic support to all students and to work closely with them in their Academic pursuit throughout their academic career in the university.

Program Goals And Objectives

• To educate students on how to make first-class
• To teach students about the importance of academic honesty
• To help students achieves their full potential in their academic
• To foster a sense of mentor/mentee relationships
• To encourage students to seek out advice from their mentors
• To provide students with the opportunity to broaden and share their knowledge, skills, capabilities and experience
• To enhance academic career and professional development at the University through a developmental mentoring partnership
• To foster increased engagement in core University activities
• To build a high-performing, professionally competent and university workforce to achieve the student's goals and aspirations.
• To form a prayer team for each student


Mentors conduct workshops for students related to academic work and academic honesty, hold weekly office hours for one-on-one meetings with students, and offer feedback on academic work and/or other related coursework activities. Mentors are also available to work with students on their projects.


All students are eligible to participate. Students who sign up are not required to participate in all events; however, due to the accommodating nature of the workshop schedule to student life and coursework, students are encouraged to attend as many of the workshops as possible as well as schedule regular meetings with mentors during office hours

To request a mentor or to receive more information, please visit our Contact Page.

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