IAS Foundation Indecent Dressing.

Indecent Dressing.

Our higher institutions of learning have been beclouded with indecent dressing most especially the female students. Most girls go bare, displaying their navels and boobs and wearing what just ample cleavages on display, depicting size and shape of their private parts with mini that barely skim the bottom. It appears now to be fashionable; one has to become half nude, dressed in sleeveless/see-through tops without bra.

From the above description of indecent dressing, what then is indecent dressing? Indecent dressing is act of dressing contrarily or indecently to a normal dressing code. From Africa perspective, I believe every culture has its dressing code. Though the dressing code might vary from one culture to another but each culture has a standard and acceptable dressing code. So any deviation from such dressing code could be term as indecent dressing.

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