IAS Entrepreneurship


Teachers are great sources of ideas for learning activities that provide experience in entrepreneurial skills…and often they don't even know they are doing so. Any teacher in the secondary schools can help students understand the opportunities of our entrepreneurial economy by infusing entrepreneurship-related activities in their regular course of study. Such experiences may change the vision of their future for many of our youth.

We seek to infuse entrepreneurship in any type of course…Mathematics, language skills, science, business classes, career exploration etc., our teachers bears in mind about the 15 Standards identified by entrepreneurs as the knowledge skills and attitudes important for students to address as they think about becoming an entrepreneur.

IAS secondary school uses the National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education for ideas about creating entrepreneurship activities for any type of curriculum.

We are sure to make our activities encourage students to think creatively…not just to determine how business operates now, but also to help them to ask questions about how businesses might be created in new and better ways, using new and different processes. We open their eyes to the entrepreneurial opportunities that are all around us.

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