Core Values

Our core values are as follows:


Aims of the School

Our aim is to enable our students develop their full potential- moral, academic, spiritual, social and emotional and to contribute meaningfully to local and ias issues. we expect students to study to acquire good habit and development useful skills that will help them in life.
We set high standards of personal presentation and behaviour and expect students to demonstrate consideration for the needs to other within the school, in the local community and far beyond.
We are a school with Christian ethos. However students and staffs of all faith backgrounds are welcome.

In particular, we aim to:
To provide a safe, secure, and healthy environment for student and staff
To develop in in students lively and enquiring minds helping them to recognize education as an enjoyable, worthwhile and lifelong activity.
To providea high standard of education through good teaching and support that allow all student achieve the best of which they are capable.
To offer spiritual and moral guidance to our students through religious education, personal social and health education, through wholesome assemblies, fellowship and weekend worship, throughthe support of the staff.
To ensure the students develop tolerance, trust, understanding and respect for others of differnet ages, background and ethnic groups.
To help all students find things at which they can excel by providing a wide range of co-curricular activities to complement academic success.
To celebrate success and achievement in every aspect of school life
To provide a uniquely stimulating supportive environment within which students can grow in understanding, self-confidence and self esteem

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