IAS A-Levels – 1 Year Intensive

A-Levels – 1 Year Intensive Lectures

A levels enables students to receive the intellectual challenge and simulation of studying fewer subjects in much greater depth before they go to the university. The A-level system works best when students have a wide range of subjects to choose from and when they can study any combination of subjects.

Our one year intensive A level course is carefully designed to ensure that all topics are taught in detail, assuming no previous knowledge, but with a much sharper focus on the demands of the examination than you may have been accustomed to in the past. We ensure that plenty of time is spent on answering and reviewing relevant past examination questions. Regular homework, timed tests and trial examinations, together with frequent and detailed analysis of mark schemes and examiners' reports, ensure that by the time the examination season approaches you will be thoroughly prepared and confident. Our highly experienced staff will be able to:

1. Diagnose any gaps in your knowledge
2. Improve your knowledge base in each subject
3. Improve your comprehension of difficult Topics 4. Develop your powers of memory and recall
5. Improve your examination technique
ensure you understand the examination specifications and instructions and what is required of you
When taking A levels, it is a good time to rethink your options and some students decide to drop certain subjects or change exam boards, all of which can considerably affect the final outcome.

At Institute of Advanced Studies we offer a wide and interesting range of subjects to choose from. This enables students to study courses that match their interests and strengths and also gives them an opportunity to consider others that they might not have thought before.

Subjects students can take include
1. Physics
2. Chemistry
3. Biology
4. Mathematics
5. English Literature
6. Economics
7. ICT
8. Geography
9. Further Maths

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