Benefits of Cambridge A-Levels Program.

Advanced Level Certificate is globally recognized. A graduate of Advanced Level with good results is guaranteed direct admission to year 2 of the Degree Programme in most Universities around the world.

It is a challenging programme any serious student will like to enroll for as it will no doubt simplify the student's undergraduate academic work because most of it would have been taught in advanced level. In fact, they are taught topics in Advanced Level that students will sometimes come across at postgraduate level.

There is a wide gap between secondary school and university education. The university academic environment is distinct from the secondary school environment but most students cannot distinguish between the two. Many students view university as an extension of secondary school. This is one of the reasons for the increase in the number of drop-outs in our universities today.

The Advanced Level Programme provides a link between university and secondary education. It is rare to find a student with A-Level experience dropping out of the university. The reason is because the A-Level programme imbibes students with what it takes to cope with university education in terms of attending lectures, library usage, tutorials, learning techniques, time management and so on.

A levels enables students to receive the intellectual challenge and simulation of studying fewer subjects in much greater depth before they go to the university. The A-level system works best when students have a wide range of subjects to choose from and when they can study any combination of subjects.

Our one year intensive A level course is carefully designed to ensure that all topics are taught in detail, assuming no previous knowledge, but with a much sharper focus on the demands of the examination than you may have been accustomed to in the past. We ensure that plenty of time is spent on answering and reviewing relevant past examination questions.

Regular homework, timed tests and trial examinations, together with frequent and detailed analysis of mark schemes and examiners' reports, ensure that by the time the examination season approaches you will be thoroughly prepared and confident.

Our highly experienced staff will be able to

• diagnose any gaps in your knowledge
• improve your knowledge base in each subject
• improve your comprehension of difficult Topics
• develop your powers of memory and recall
• improve your examination technique
• ensure you understand the examination specifications and instructions and what is required of you

When taking A levels, it is a good time to rethink your options and some students decide to drop certain subjects or change exam boards, all of which can considerably affect the final outcome.

At Global International College we offer a wide and interesting range of subjects to choose from. This enables students to study courses that match their interests and strengths and also gives them an opportunity to consider others that they might not have thought before.

Subjects students can take include

• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Mathematics
• English Literature
• Economics
• Geography
• Further Maths

The curriculum content is divided into two namely:

Advanced Subsidiary Level and Advanced Level.
Traditionally, the Programme is designed to last for two academic sessions: Advanced Subsidiary Level for the first year and Advanced Level for the second. However, Cambridge College gives students two optional course duration:

• Accelerated 1-year A-Level Programme
• Regular 2-year A-Level Programme

The 1-year accelerated duration is not automatic as it is designed for brilliant students who have been tested by their lecturers and found capable of writing and passing the GCE A-Level examination in one academic session. The regular 2-year A-Level Programme is for students who, after been tested, the lecturers cannot guarantee their success in the GCE A-Level examinations in one year duration.

Choosing Subjects

Normally, Advanced Level students are expected to offer three subjects relevant to their proposed course of studies. Although some students choose to offer four Advanced Level subjects so that they can have a wider choice in university admission, the College has no objection to this provided the student can successfully offer the four subjects and perform very well in the examinations.

Science students have four groups from which they can choose their A-Level subjects, these are:

GROUP A: Physics, Chemistry, Biology
GROUP B: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Applied ICT
GROUP C: Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Geography
GROUP D: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Economics, Geography

• Students for Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Basic Medical Science, and Biology Sciences should choose Group A.
• Students for Engineering courses, Computer Science, Physical Science and Industrial Chemistry should choose three subjects from Group B.
• Students for Architecture, Geology, Geography, Regional Planning, Estate Management, and Surveying should choose three subjects from Group C.
• Students for Agriculture, Agric Economics, Agronomy, Agric Extension , and Animal Production should choose three subjects from Group D, including Chemistry.

Art and Social Science students will choose at least three subjects from any of the groups below:

GROUP E: Economics, Accounting, Business Studies, Geography, History
GROUP F: Economics, French, Literature in English, Business Studies, Sociology

• Students for Economics, Public Administration, Banking and Finance, Accounting, Insurance, Business Administration, Marketing, Industrial Relations, Personnel Management and Geography, should choose three subjects from Group E.
• Students for International Relations, Mass Communication, Political Science, Psychology, Law, English & French, Religious Studies and any other related course should choose three subjects from Group F.

Generally, Advanced Level subject combinations at Cambridge College qualify students for admission into most degree courses around the world. Candidates are free to Contact the College for more information on the three relevant subjects for their proposed course if not listed above.

Admission Requirements

• Entrance exam or entrance interview
• Completed application form
• Copy of birth certificate
• Two passport photographs
• Copy of latest school testimonial
• WAEC/NECO/IGCSE certificate or statement of result

Application Form

• Application form can be obtained from the college reception or downloaded from our website.
• Application fee is N5, 000 and can be paid at the college reception.
• Please note that spaces are limited and no forms will be given out once we have a full class.
• Application forms can also be purchased and completed on the day of the entrance exam/entrance interview.

Entrance Exam/Entrance Interview

• If you do not have any of the required documents, please notify us immediately.
• Exam dates are as follow:

o Saturday, September 20, 2015
o Monday, September 22, 2015
o Friday, September 12, 2015
o Saturday, September 13, 2015
o Friday, September 19, 2015

o Exam subjects are as follows:

 Art/Social Science: Economics, Maths & English
 Engineering: Physics, Chemistry & Maths.
 Medicine: Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

o Please contact us in advance to schedule your entrance exam or interview.

Further Information: For further information, Please contact the College Admin.

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